Lemon Peel. Widgets and sales notifications for Lemon Squeezy!

  • Sales orders stats & widgets
  • Display your most recent orders
  • Receive push notification after each sale
  • Simple dashboard to setup your stores
  • Customizable

    Change the size and color of the widgets to match your layout

  • Push Notifications

    Listen for that addictive “cha-ching” sound that comes with new sales

  • Multiple stores

    Configure multiple stores and select it in widget options

  • Various date ranges

    Show graphs from the actual month, last month or last 30 days

  • Currency support

    Works with all currencies, copies your settings from Lemon Squeezy

How do i setup my Lemon Squeezy store?

First, the app will ask for an API key that you can generate under the Settings menu in your Lemon Squeezy dashboard. Keep in mind that you have different API keys in live and test mode. Once the key is validated, your stores data will start syncing automatically. To receive notifications, you need to setup the provided webhook URL and secret in your Lemon Squeezy account.

Is my data secure?

Yes. The application connects directly to your Lemon Squeezy store using the public API, so i don't see any data at all.

How often the widgets refresh?

The refresh rate is set to 5 minutes. However, this is just the target rate, iOS will often skip refreshes to save battery for example. So if your data is not up to date on the widget, you just need to wait a little bit longer.

Is there a subscription fee?

Yes, but the app is free to download. You can setup 1 store for free and you get access to more features the PRO version, like push notifications, multiple store support and more widgets.